7 Step Guide to Whitewash Furniture

Whitewashing furniture can easily and quickly be done. All you need are the right materials and the following tips:

Step One: Thoroughly Clean the Furniture

7-step-guide-to-whitewash-furnitureAs wood is used, it accumulates all sorts of things–including oils, dust and stains. None of which is conducive to painting in any way, so you have to scour the wood as good as you can before you do anything else. The best cleaning solution for this job is vinegar; put some of it on a rag and wipe down the wood. If you apply enough effort and elbow grease as you are wiping, you should be able to remove all stains and blemishes, making the outside of the wood furniture as spotless as it can be.

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How to Build a Vinyl Fence

how-to-build-a-vinyl-fenceVinyl is a great material to use for a long-lasting, great looking and eco-friendly fence. Although it will cost more than wood initially, it will not rot, mold or succumb to insect, animal or weather damage. That makes it cost effective; it will far outlast any wood fence. Two or more people can install a fence in a relatively short amount of time. There are a few steps you will need to follow.

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How to Give Your Furniture that ‘Antique’ Look

Are you tired of the super smooth, polished look of new furniture? Do you have an older piece that you would like to look antiqued rather than just old? More and more people are discovering the joy of distressing their furniture, and you will discover that creating the right effect can give you a conversation piece that draws every eye. Remember that you should not go overboard, but try one or two of these techniques on a piece that you want to transform!

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[Guest Post] 5 Things Your Pool Guy Won’t Tell You

CC Ultra Luxury Private Pool
Photo from Flikr user tropictraveler

Despite the luxuries of owning a pool and portable hot tub, caring for them can seem like a daunting and exhausting prospect for those who have never taken care of one. In fact, many pool and spa owners would love to delegate all of their maintenance to a professional pool company or technician. Aside from being prohibitively expensive, it can be impractical to have someone handle every aspect of keeping your pool sparkling and ready to use. If you are ready to be a little more self reliant, here are five tips your pool guy won’t tell you.

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How to Refinish/Repaint a Desk

zoey-and-desk-350x200Whether you want to repair the finish on an old desk or give it a brand new look, refinishing or repainting a desk is both easy and fun. In just six easy steps, you’ll have a brand new desk that will add a unique touch to your office or work space. Before you begin, you’ll want to prepare the desk for its face lift. You’ll want to remove the drawers and any hardware before moving the desk to a well-ventilated area. Painting and refinishing can be messy, so you’ll also want to make sure to protect your work area with drop cloths.

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