First-Time Homeowner’s Advice for Using a Chainsaw

The truth is, nobody has ever really thought of me as Joe the Lumberjack. My experience with yard work has always been limited to raking leaves and mowing the lawn. When my wife and I purchased our first home, we were excited because the neighborhood is what we like to call “woodsy.” There are tall trees and bushes everywhere so even though our neighbors are relatively close in proximity, it seems as though each house is tucked away in its own small forest.

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Courtyard Collection Custom Steel Garage Doors

The quality and appearance of your garage door is extremely important. Courtyard Collection custom steel garage doors are a fantastic way of adding an elegant design element to your home.

Custom steel garage doors from the Courtyard Collection are made with insulated steel. This Thermacore insulation is made of CFC-free polyurethane insulation and is constructed by Thermacore. It offers an R-value of up to 12.76. The doors conjure nostalgic images of classic wood designs found on carriage house doors.

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