[Guest Post] What does your kitchen say about you?

It’s a fair bet that you spend more time in your kitchen than any other room in the house – cooking, eating, socializing; it all goes on in the kitchen.

Far from being just a place to make breakfast or cook the evening meal, your kitchen is now the focal point of your home and the way it looks often makes a statement to others about the place you live and the person you are.

Like the way you dress, your kitchen says a lot about your personality. Bold colors, shiny handles, oak units, natural wood floors – every detail when it comes to designing DIY kitchens is a statement, whether you intend it to be or not.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular kitchen designs around and what they might say about your personality.



Confusingly, the term traditional can often conjure up images of 1700’s elegance. Today’s traditional kitchen is more granite worktops, dark oak units and wood flooring than 18th century English country house. Throw in some subtle lighting, detailed tiles and classic window frames and you’ve achieved the classic, traditional look.

What this kitchen says about you: You appreciate timeless classics and pride yourself in looking good, without being flashy.



What is a contemporary kitchen? It’s difficult to describe what actually defines a contemporary theme, but ask any interior design expert and they’ll usually point to tone-on-tone color schemes, smooth preparation surfaces, metallic finishes and natural fabrics. Combine this with black or dark units, stainless steel appliances and stone flooring and you have what most people would describe as the contemporary kitchen.

What this kitchen says about you: You consider yourself to be stylish and sophisticated and are fond of making bold statements.



Carefully select various attributes of the traditional and contemporary designs and you have a transitional kitchen design that embraces clean, relaxing spaces that looks timeless and contemporary. Tone-on-tone units and work surfaces, combined with stainless steel appliances and tasteful tile designs give the transitional kitchen a look that will last.

What this kitchen says about you: You are laid back and embrace classic simplicity, modernity and contemporary values.



Despite the name a modern design refers to a look that was popular from the 1920s, right through to the 1950s and 60s. The look is defined by clean lines, moderate use of color, and the introduction of natural materials, such as wood flooring combined with granite worktops and light colored units.

What this kitchen says about you: A person who opts for the modern kitchen look is usually someone who loves all things retro, yet wouldn’t describe themselves as trendy.



The eclectic design combines elements and styles from various time periods and different origins. This really is a look for someone who likes a little bit of everything but can’t quite decide on the style they are aiming for. Stainless steel stoves, funky slate backsplashes and a touch of the French countryside created using stone floors, granite work surfaces and dark wood units. An eclectic kitchen really lives up to its name and offers the very best of pretty much everything.

What this kitchen says about you: An eclectic kitchen design tends to suit the creative, independent, and intuitive individual.

The author of this blog post, Matthew Crist, is a regular blogger and content writer who is adept at writing on a number of different subject matters. This latest contribution to the blogging world for Homeownership Tips should be a great way to distinguish how your personality influences your kitchen setup.