Why is My HVAC Unit Not Cooling?

Do Proper Maintenance on Your Furnace and Air Conditioning Unit (168/365)If your HVAC unit is not cooling, it could be due to any number of problems. An air conditioning unit – the “AC” in HVAC – is somewhat complicated, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. If your home cooling system is not cooling as it should, it could be because…

There is something wrong with the power. The unit might be fine, but a bad cord or dead outlet will prevent it from working.
The thermostat is not set right. Sometimes an HVAC unit doesn’t cool because a setting is wrong. Check all your thermostat settings before deciding that something must be broken.
The compressor motor is not running. It could be damaged or blocked. If blocked, remove the blockage. If it’s burnt-out, it will need replacing.
The condenser isn’t pulling in air. This could be due to debris blocking the flow of air. Be sure to clear any debris from the exterior of the unit.
The fans are not blowing. Like with the condenser, there could be blockage or damage.
The filters are dirty. Dirty or clogged filters block the flow of air and stress the machine. Check the filters every month or so and replace as needed.
There is a frost block. Ice in the system will prevent the flow of Freon or air.
The condensate pump is not working. The pump removes water from the system. A broken pump will shut off the unit.
The unit is low on Freon. A unit normally won’t run out of Freon, but if there is a leak, it will need to be repaired.

A hot summer is not the time to discover a problem with your HVAC. Check the unit before the season to make sure it works. You can fix some of these problems yourself, but if the unit is damaged or beyond your abilities to repair, contact a professional HVAC repair service.