10 Memorial Day Grilling Tips

Image Source : Chenspec
Image Source : Chenspec

Whether you are an experienced grilling chef or a first-time homeowner hosting your first cookout, these tips will help you grill your favorite foods to perfection!

If you are hosting a cookout this Memorial Day weekend, there are some basics that you should keep mind:

  1. Be aware of safety precautions. Make sure you have read your grill’s owners’ manual and are fully aware of any safety precautions that should be taken. The last thing you want is for your cookout to turn into a disaster because of something that could have been prevented.
  2. Fully inspect and clean your grill. Make sure your grill is in good shape for grilling. Check the grill’s gas hoses for any holes or leaks. Also, make sure they are properly hooked up and working correctly. Don’t forget to clean the burners and to check if vents are working properly.
  3. Place your grill in an ideal area. The best place to position your grill is at least 10 feet away from your house to reduce fire risk. Make sure it is placed in an area away from pets and children
  4. Be careful when grilling chicken. People often fear that chicken will be under-cooked and end up with charred, dry chicken. To properly grill chicken, you should cook it over medium heat.
  5. Focus on grilling. Whether you or someone else in your household is in charge of grilling the food, make sure he or she is focused on ensuring that food is cooked at the right temperature and for the right amount of time.
  6. Don’t move food around. When the food is placed on the grill, you should let it sear on both sides and then move the food to more moderate heat to let it cook thoroughly. Searing can reduce the chance of food sticking to the grill.
  7. Don’t squash burgers on the grill. If you squeeze burgers on the grill, all of the juices will run out.
  8. Don’t sauce too soon. Because most sauces have sugar in them, they can burn easily when they start to caramelize. Sauce should be added at the end of grilling time.
  9. Practice grilling. If this is your first cookout, you may want to practice grilling some food beforehand. You can start out simple for your first cookout and use other holiday weekend to continue improving your grilling skills.
  10. Cleaning the grill. The grill is a lot easier to clean while it’s still hot. Get rid of food residue by using a brush. Before closing the grill’s lid, make sure the gas is turned off. Also, close the grill’s vents so the fire dies out quicker.

I hope these tips will make your Memorial Day grilling experience a success! Check out some Memorial Day grilling recipes here.

Source: Chicago Tribune